Already a successful artist and painter, Kathryn Carrington became intrigued by the tradition of icon painting -- or “writing” -- in 1989 after she received a card with an icon on it. Since then, she has been working with wood, paint and gold leaf to create icons such as those that have been integral to Christian instruction, worship and prayer for centuries. Icons are “written” because they communicate the gospel to the illiterate in much the same way stained-glass windows did.

This slideshow shows Carrington in the process of making “Christ in Glory,” which was commissioned by Duke Divinity School for Goodson Chapel. The icon was dedicated in Goodson Chapel in November 2008.

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Carrington’s work has been included in exhibitions of the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in London. She lives and works in Vermont and is married to Gregory Norbert, a composer of sacred music.