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Scholarhip recipients gather at First Christian Church one Sunday each year to receive their checks and thank the congregation. Photo courtesy of First Christian Church

Building new bridges in Madison County

A small, rural Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation in Iowa has given away more than $1 million in scholarships to the graduates of its local schools, regardless of whether they are members of the church or the denomination -- or even Christians.

Sarah Jobe at the Rutba House standing behind the kitchen table where the intentional community shares meals together. Photo by Lissa Gotwals

Learning to live with others

Sarah Jobe, an ordained Baptist minister and a prison chaplain, explains what it is like to live in an intentional Christian community and how she has learned, despite her fears, to practice hospitality and live out the book of Acts.

Rebecca Y. Kim: Acts of sacrifice

Korean missionaries in the United States evangelizing white Americans are an exception to the rule that "birds of a feather flock together" in congregations, writes the sociologist and author of “God’s New Whiz Kids?”