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Donald L. McCoy and Chris Mangum became friends and founded Jobs for Life. Photos courtesy of Jobs for Life

Friendship at the heart of a mission

The friendship between three men -- two African-American pastors and a white businessman -- formed the core of Jobs for Life, a Christian nonprofit that has helped more than 22,000 men and women find employment.

Blessing the new altar cloth at Monday Eucharist Photo by Roy Goodwin

Beloved and essential

A decades-old soup kitchen at the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul in Boston has evolved into a homeless ministry in which men and women learn leadership by taking responsibility for helping one another.

Metanoia's housing initiative has rebuilt eight abandoned homes, built four new homes and assisted in renovations of 24 owner-occupied homes. Photos courtesy of Metanoia

Building from strength

A Cooperative Baptist Fellowship ministry in South Carolina has created a sustainable model for community development by focusing on assets -- those of the neighborhood and those of the organization.

Elizabeth Caraballo and Father Robert Meyer on the Hoboken waterfront, across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Photo courtesy of Seton Hall University School of Law

Justice on the waterfront

Drawing on the unique gifts of church members and the vision of its lawyer-priest, a Catholic parish in the waterfront city of Hoboken launches a legal clinic to help residents in need.