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Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Seminary turnaround in Kansas
  • Apologies in Ireland
  • Mash-up religion
  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a rabbi!
  • Rollercoaster on top of the hill

Friday's News & Ideas

  • The question in Ireland
  • Interfaith work and hot dogs
  • Welcome, women, to Promise Keepers
  • Manger chic in Britain
  • The triumph of monocultures

Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Keller profile
  • Cure for religious bias: Info
  • Squabble over carols
  • Are you in or out?
  • Dull title, great book
  • Disaster and our deepest selves

Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • In hard times, what are we here for?
  • Kennedy and the Bishop editorials
  • DC pastors pushed to the sidelines
  • Church for the homeless
  • It’s all a gift


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