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Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • WWJD? Jabez? Mel Gibson? What's the evangelical fad for this year?
  • Father Cutie fascinates across America
  • Why evangelicals fell for Jon & Kate Plus 8

Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • How to be a Christian at a cocktail party in Manhattan
  • A church offers hospitality in a recession-choked Michigan town
  • The earth may last another billion years. And that's good to know

Monday's News & Ideas

  • What do we make of the Ken Lays and Bernie Madoffs being so . . . religious?
  • What keeps Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on doors?
  • The rise of encore careers

Friday's News & Ideas

  • Does our chattiness in church suggest something is very, very wrong?
  • Graduations could find a middle-ground between zealous Christianity and banal nothingness
  • Death of a leading Pentecostal luminary

Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • What makes us human? The ability to cook
  • What to do when denominational structure gets in the way of mission?
  • A judge supports gun protestors over a gun peddler. It must be God.

Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • A church that's "Fed Ex fast and Disney friendly"
  • Minimalist youth group planning
  • Are Mary and Martha both on your church'sfinance committee?

Friday's News & Ideas

  • St. Francis never said "use words only if necessary"
  • No, David Brooks, leaders don't have to be jerks
  • You can be cool, Canadian & Christian at the same time

Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Imprisoned seminarians receive beatings with degrees
  • The great John Wooden on leadership
  • We're still the wealthiest people ever. So why are we so unhappy?


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