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Monday's News & Ideas

  • Jesus is still in fatigues; pope still needs some PR people
  • Peacocks and southern gothic: new Flannery O'Connor bio
  • Should educational institutions have trusted so deeply in their endowments?

Friday's News & Ideas

  • Will secular Europe keep a sabbath?
  • Is it Christians who are keeping others away from the church?
  • Is it worse to eat a hamburger than to have casual sex?

Thursday's News & Ideas

  • How to be Southern Baptist in a south that is no longer Baptist
  • Obama prays. And prays. And prays . . .
  • Religion and film: (not) separated at birth

Monday's News & Ideas

  • You thought Jesus was big? One poll says Obama is now more admired
  • Theological schools as precarious institutions
  • How do you sell to a less-entitled shopper?

Friday's News & Ideas

  • The Mother of God and leadership
  • Give up Facebook for Lent? Wouldn't giving up oxygen be easier?
  • Free speech amidst internet chaos

Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Technology means never having to be alone
  • If your church disappeared, would anyone notice?
  • Is a religious vocation a sacrifice or a joy?


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