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Monday's News & Ideas - 1/11/2021

  • House chaplain during riot
  • ADL calls for Trump’s ouster
  • Pope formalizes women’s roles
  • Warnock’s weekend sermon
  • Anti-abortion leaders urge vaccine
  • Acquiring the Pentagon Papers

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 1/5/2021

  • Senate race & Black church
  • Faith in 117th Congress
  • Italy’s Protestants helping Syrians
  • Church’s food distribution
  • DC churches prepare for marches
  • Wave pattern personalities

Monday's News & Ideas - 1/4/2021

  • Religious leaders lost in 2020
  • First female Congress chaplain
  • 500 years after Luther excommunicated
  • Faith & spirituality in COVID
  • Christian college president turnover
  • Archiving our plague


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