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I have hope

A journey through Lamentations begins in despair and ends in hope -- the sustaining hope rooted, not in empty optimism, but in God’s steadfast love, writes David L. Odom.

Nathan Kirkpatrick: Psalm 119

Which psalm translation works for you? The psalms are the songbook of the bible. St. Augustine famously said, "The one who sings prays twice." So the answer matters. Nathan Kirkpatrick wants to know which you choose.

Nathan Kirkpatrick: Psalm 18

In an act of traditioned innovation, F&L's Nathan Kirkpatrick will occasionally present an ancient psalm in a new guise--either alongside an image (as today), in a new translation, or some other counter-intuitive setting.

Psalm of the day

Contemporary translations of the bible can be a disaster. Or they can sing with a freshness worthy of God's word: just think of Eugene Peterson's popular translation, The Message. Nathan Kirkpatrick points us today to a translation of Psalm 11 as translated and adapted by South African writer and artist Erna Buber-de Villiers.