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Andrew Root: The grace of dogs

Dogs are soulful creatures, deeply bound to and connected with human beings in a two-way relationship that looks amazingly like love, says the theologian and author of a new book, ‘The Grace of Dogs.’

Detail from book cover "The Irrational Jesus." / Wipf and Stock Publishers

Ken Evers-Hood: 'The irrational Jesus'

In this excerpt from his new book, a Presbyterian pastor writes that the full, ‘irrational’ humanity of Jesus that causes him to make mistakes and regrettable statements is the same humanity that generates his compassion and hunger for justice.

Man holds on to fence at the site of destroyed Quick Trip after Police Chief Thomas Jackson release of the name of the officer that shot Michael Brown.

A man in Ferguson, Missouri, holds on to a fence on August 15, 2014, at the site of a convenience store destroyed during rioting after the shooting death of Michael Brown by police.
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Dominique D. Gilliard: Reclaiming the power of lament

In an age of nonstop media that exposes us as never before to the world’s pain and brokenness, lamentation is an essential and even revolutionary act, one that the church needs desperately to reclaim, says a young pastor.

Sarah Killingsworth, left, hugs Mary Ann Slinn, welcoming her to her home for a meal to discuss entrepreneurship. As part of community outreach, members of Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis meet with neighbors for meals and conversation.
Photo by Kelly Wilkinson

David P. King: Shaping a theology of money

Religious institutions need not live out of a scarcity mindset. Our religious communities are full of the necessary assets to cultivate a culture of generosity, writes David P. King, the Karen Lake Buttrey Director of Lake Institute on Faith & Giving.