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BADAJOZ SPAIN: Glazed tiles with America conquest scenes. Hernan Cortes burning the ships Spain

In 1519, in the Yucatan peninsula, Hernan Cortes burned his ships, eliminating the possibility of retreat. Likewise, there was no turning back for Ken Evers-Hood when he sought help from a physician. Bigstock/juanaunion

Ken Evers-Hood: Burning the ships

A Presbyterian pastor writes that he had to face the distance between the person he knows he’s called to be and who he is.

Mural in Oakland, CA by Dave Young Kim

Dave Young Kim's mural in Oakland, which is based the life of Yu Gwan Sun, a Korean folk hero and relative of the artist. At 17, she led a demonstration in 1919 for Korean Independence against the Japanese occupation. Her parents were killed by Japanese police during the demonstration, and she later died in prison.
Photo by Christian Janssen

Dave Young Kim: Living out a calling as a muralist

The Oakland painter, muralist and community activist talks about blending his vocation as a Christian and an artist.

Man checking a rain gauge on a farm

Nate Stucky, director of the Farminary, checks a rain gauge at the farm owned by Princeton Theological Seminary.

Photos by Ricardo Barros

Teaching theology down on the farm

Students at Princeton Theological Seminary engage in physical and intellectual labor at the Farminary, where they learn about the interconnectedness of life and death.