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Busy isn’t always better

The schedule of a conference or meeting is the curriculum. Unstructured time allows introverts to escape, active sorts to move, and external processors to get a cup of coffee together and make sense of the sessions.

Youth from Clemson UMC take part in some typical activities, such as beach trips. But the focus of the church's youth formation is to invite them to see themselves as part of the narrative of God’s redemptive work in creation. Photo courtesy of Clemson UMC

Youth ministry that's more than fun and games

In South Carolina, Clemson UMC has changed its approach to youth ministry, adopting a richer, deeper model aimed at forming young people into devoted disciples.

Andrew Root: Just wait

Youth ministry isn’t about helping young people create a successful future but about standing with them, waiting for the fullness of God’s action. A youth ministry scholar and author of "The Relational Pastor" reflects on Advent, eschatology and young people.