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  • Obama's remarks @ prayer breakfast
  • Is that kosher? I mean your hiring, not my food
  • Lincoln: once reviled, now beloved

High priest of prejudiceDaily Mail: What influences pushed controversial Bishop Richard Williamson to believe such dangerous nonsense as denying the Holocaust?

Anglican leaders take dim view of rival U.S. churchReligion News Service: Anglican Communion leaders say they, not dissident conservatives, will decide what role a newly formed traditionalist North American church will have in their worldwide fellowship.

‘This much we know’New York Times: Transcript of President Obama’s remarks at National Prayer Breakfast.

A quarrel over what is kosherWall Street Journals: Kosher meatpacking controversy is really about the proper way to interpret religious law and values: Should we read our ancient texts literally or adapt them to a changing world?

The Spark

Lincoln the Great

The monumental Abraham Lincoln, who so fascinates us even 150 years after his death, was not viewed so favorably in his own time but was widely loathed and disdained. In Humanities, the magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Willfred M. McClay says we need to remember that this is often how history happens. Background music does not swell at the crucial moment, and trumpets do not sound, when the events of history are actually taking place. The orator or the soldier has to wonder whether he is acting in vain, whether the criticisms of others are in fact warranted, whether time will judge him harshly. Few great men have felt this burden more completely than Lincoln.