Friday's News & Ideas - 10/11/2019

  • Evangelicals criticize Trump
  • Bishops condemn rainforest destruction
  • Diversity key to church influence
  • Write for your audience
  • Tips for design thinking
  • Bahamian painter reflects on process

Trump abandoning Kurds could cost support of evangelical Christians
The Guardian: Evangelical leaders this week have sharply criticized Trump’s decision to stand down U.S. forces in northern Syria, warning that Turkey’s invasion of the region threatens America’s longstanding Kurdish allies and vulnerable Christian communities.
Washington Examiner: 'They could be annihilated': Franklin Graham asks Christians to pray Trump reconsiders Syria decision

Amazonian bishops condemn attacks on rainforest and indigenous peoples
Religion News Service: As the Amazonian bishops come to the end of their first week of meetings in Rome discussing the issues facing their region, they were united in condemning attacks on the rainforest and the indigenous peoples. They see the destruction every day in their dioceses.
Crux: Church ‘can’t sacralize, nor Satanize’ every indigenous practice, bishop says

Editorial: Turning the tide
Comment: If Christianity is going to reclaim its collective witness in the West, an alliance must be built between elite and commoner, scholar and practitioner, black and white, able-bodied and handicapped, immigrant and indigenous, young and old, writes Anne Snyder.

Scholars talk writing: T.J. Stiles
Chronicle of Higher Education: A Pulitzer-Prize-winning independent scholar explains how working at a publishing house taught him a lesson about writing: You have to write for the audience you’re trying to reach.

How one Stanford professor uses design thinking to stay productive
Fast Company: When this professor took on a new role, she knew that typical productivity hacks would no longer suffice. So she adopted two design methods that allowed her to get the most out of a task.

The Spark

In the studio: Antonius Roberts
Painter Antonius Roberts, one of the most eminent artists in the Bahamas, describes his artistic process as “a kind of a trance, losing oneself and just enjoying that ritual.”


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