Friday's News & Ideas - 10/18/2019

  • U.S. Christianity still in decline
  • Early church & secularism
  • High tech rosary
  • Elijah Cummings dies
  • German-Catholic influence in Amazon
  • Edison on invention

In U.S., decline of Christianity continues at rapid pace
Pew Research Center: An update on America's changing religious landscape.
Newsweek: As Christianity's popularity declines, more Americans identify as religiously unaffiliated

The early church thrived amid secularism and shows how we can, too
Christianity Today: The pre-Christendom church managed to avoid both isolationism and accommodationism. Their model gives us a map for post-Christendom challenges.

High-tech rosary aimed at luring godless teens back to church
New York Post: God is getting into wearable tech.

What Elijah Cummings meant to Baltimore*
The New Yorker: A small number possess both the honesty and the insight to speak truthfully to racism. Cummings belonged to that number.

In synod debate over married priests, is the Rhine flowing into the Amazon?
Crux: Given that Brazil contains the lion’s share of the Amazon, and given the strong German imprint in Brazil, inevitably that means German-language Catholicism has an especially strong impact on Catholic life there too.

The Spark

Thomas Edison’s greatest invention
It wasn’t the light bulb or the phonograph or the moving picture -- or anything tangible. It was a way of thinking about technology,* The Atlantic writes.

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