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  • Modern confession
  • UMC bishop complaint
  • Facts & truth
  • Volf on religion in public life
  • Drive-thru prayer
  • Shrinking the movies

'Bless me Father, for I have sinned': Confession in a modern worldBBC: The place of the confessional in modern Catholic faith.

Formal complaints filed against Bishop TalbertUnited Methodist Reporter: Complaints have been filed against Bishop Melvin G. Talbert alleging he has violated the sacred trust of his office.

Showing that a story isn't factually accurate doesn't diminish its truthThe (London) Guardian: One of the great blessings of religion is that it allows us to be gracefully inconsistent, balanced in ways that don't make sense but still move us on, Andrew Brown says.

Exclusion or saturation? Rethinking the place of religion in public lifeAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: In a pluralistic context, Christians must grant other religious communities the same freedoms that they claim for themselves, Miroslav Volf says.

Southwest Florida church offering drive-thru prayer servicesUPI: Southwest Florida residents looking to order up some salvation now have the option of to getting right with God from the convenience of their cars.

The Spark

The last picture showAs the screens we watch our movies on get smaller and smaller, we're losing a unique, communal experience, Pacific Standard reports. Norma Desmond was right: "It's the pictures that got small."

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