Friday's News & Ideas - 10/30/2020

  • Falwell sues Liberty
  • Family politics
  • Key Catholic vote
  • Megachurches growing
  • Attack in Nice, France
  • It’s okay to log off

Jerry Falwell Jr. sues Liberty University for defamation
CNN: Jerry Falwell Jr., who resigned as president of Liberty University in August after a sex scandal and other controversies, is now suing the evangelical school for defamation and breach of contract.

A liberal daughter discusses white privilege with her conservative dad*
Christian Century: What would happen if we listened to each other in love?

The Catholic temptation*
The Atlantic: Former Vice President Joe Biden is using his Scranton bona fides to win over a key voting bloc.

Megachurches continue to grow and diversify, steer clear of politics
Religion News Service: A look at megachurches over the past five years finds that most have grown larger and more diverse and become less likely to call themselves evangelical.

3 dead in apparent terrorist knife attack at church in Nice, France
NPR: A man used a knife to attack people at the Notre Dame Basilica in Nice, France, Thursday, killing three people, authorities say.

The Spark

During the worst summer of our lives, I didn’t have internet. It was the best.
On average, Americans spend about four and a half hours a day online, Vox says.

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