Friday's News & Ideas - 10/4/2019

  • Pope reshaping the church
  • White Christians & forgiveness
  • Religion & public school
  • Should churches sell their buildings?
  • Muslim immigrants & CARRP
  • When pop stars find God
  • Secret to shopping used bookstores

Pope Francis may not change the world. But he is reshaping the church.*
The New York Times: Pope Francis and his push for openness toward migrants, Muslims and gay people may no longer have influence on a global stage where nationalists, populists and the far right dominate the political conversation. But inside the church is another story.
Religion News Service: Opposition to Amazon synod spurs new right-wing coalition in Brazil

White Christians, do not cheapen the hug and message of forgiveness from Botham Jean’s brother*
The Washington Post: Jemar Tisby writes that this moment was especially celebrated by white Christians and seems to indicate a desire to hastily move on from the wrong done and offer a perfect picture of reconciliation.

For a lot of American teens, religion is a regular part of the public school day
Pew Research Center: Yet many other U.S. adolescents rarely observe religious behavior in their schools, and a majority say they rarely or never discuss religion with friends.

For churches, a temptation to sell*
The New York Times: Religious leaders ponder whether selling their buildings to developers is really the best way to protect their congregations.

He applied for a green card. Then the FBI came calling
CNN: A shadowy federal program is ensnaring thousands of Muslim immigrants it classifies as potential national security concerns but not much is known about how it works or who it selects for additional levels of scrutiny.

Gaining my religion: Kanye, Dylan and the pop stars who find God
The Guardian: Kanye West has reportedly said he will only be recording gospel from now on -- following a trail blazed with mixed results by Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Reverend Run.

The Spark

The secret to shopping in used bookstores
A writer at Literary Hub says she has learned to treat a visit to a used bookstore less like a treasure hunt and more like a nature walk, with plenty of chances to enjoy herself along the way. To do that, she must first surrender all expectations.

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