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  • Francis: abolish death penalty
  • UK clergy belief
  • 100 best Christian books
  • Wonder Theater church
  • Sabbath island
  • Mockingbird's call

Pope Francis calls for abolishing death penalty and life imprisonmentCatholic News Service: Pope Francis calls for abolition of the death penalty and life imprisonment, and denounces a "penal populism" that promises to solve society's problems by punishing crime instead of pursuing social justice.

One in 50 clergy don't believe in GodChristian Today: Survey finds that one in 50 Anglican clergy in the UK believes God is a human construct; no clergy at all rely on Church leaders when making decisions.

Welcome to the 100 best Christian books websiteChurch Times: Anglican newspaper presents its list of the 100 best Christian books.

See New York's stunningly ornate movie palace-turned-churchCurbed: Pentecostal congregation in Queens restores movie theater's eclectic Spanish-Mexican-Moroccan interior to its original splendor.

Does the Sabbath still exist on the isle of Lewis?BBC: How has modern life changed Sabbath on The isle of Lewis, the last place in Britain where the fourth commandment is still strictly observed.

The Spark

Who sang it first? Mockingbirds and musicians cover each other in New OrleansIn certain New Orleans music scenes, there is a special sound -- a signal -- that lets players know it's time to strike up the band. The four-note phrase, however, doesn't belong to musicians alone, NPR reports. Another common New Orleans species, the mockingbird, also produces the call.

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