Friday's News & Ideas - 1/10/2020

  • Why evangelicals attack James Cone
  • Social media helps survivors
  • Limits of diversity training
  • UMC hopes to avoid lawsuits
  • Catholic program for marriage
  • Dominionist theology

White evangelicals’ attacks on James Cone are about power, not truth
Religion News Service: The heresy Cone is guilty of is denying white Christian leaders’ authority to define what Christianity should look like for black people.

Why social media is a last resort for survivors of clergy abuse
Sojourners: Mainstream media has played a crucial role in giving voice to survivors. A leader of one nonprofit said: “Church leaders aren’t listening to survivors until the media tells their story for them.”

Why diversity training isn’t enough
The New Republic: Addressing inequality requires more than consciousness raising.

One goal of Methodists’ plan to split the church over same-sex marriage and clergy: Avoid lawsuits.*
Washington Post: Leaders of the United Methodist Church took notice when other Protestant denominations began allowing same-sex marriage -- and in some cases were hit with a wave of lawsuits.
United Methodist News Service: Feinberg kept church negotiators at table

Catholic church in Spain launches years-long marriage training for couples
The Guardian: Two to three years of voluntary programs are aimed at lowering high divorce rates.

The Spark

The price of dominionist theology
After leaving fundamentalism, Eve Ettinger grapples at Longreads with the loaded theological heritage of evangelical personal finance teachings.

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