Friday's News & Ideas

  • When a priest falters
  • Sex harassment @ seminary
  • Antigay religion collapse
  • How Jesus wife hoax fell apart
  • Fundamentalist Buddhism
  • Trapped in the cubicle

Making sense of it when a clergy member faltersThe Detroit News: From all outward appearances, he ran a healthy, vibrant church. The question remains: How does a priest who ran a parish for 30 years go rogue?National Catholic Reporter: Suburban Detroit pastor, lay manager indicted on federal fraud charges

Sex harassment at a seminary?Inside Higher Ed: Three women at a small Baptist seminary, dissatisfied with the response to their complaints of sexual harassment by the president, took their case to the accreditors.

The collapse of antigay religionSlate: Polls, pastors, and theology are shifting toward same-sex marriage, even among conservatives.

How the 'Jesus' wife' hoax fell apartWall Street Journal: The media loved the 2012 tale from Harvard Divinity School.

Nirvanaless: Asian Buddhism's growing fundamentalist streakReligion News Service: Though fundamentalism is a term that has thus far been used mostly in relation to Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, some are beginning to use it to describe Buddhists as well.

The Spark

The mind does not belong in a cubicleIn "Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace," Nikil Saval tries to figure out where the office went wrong. Though an improvement on factory work and types of manual labor, the office remains "at once harmless and ominous," the Atlantic reports. Why does the modern office fall short of producing a happy environment for the American worker?

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