Friday's News & Ideas - 11/15/2019

  • Patterson on black SBC president
  • Catholics on climate
  • The Crown & faith
  • More forgiving legal system
  • Chile’s protests & church
  • Poverty map of Victorian London

Paige Patterson feared backslide after election of first black SBC president
Religion News Service: A newly discovered letter from one former prominent leader of the Southern Baptist Convention to another reveals a depth of mistrust and suspicion toward the denomination’s first black president.

Can the Catholic Church save the Amazon?*
The New Republic: A dispatch from Pope Francis’s efforts to combat climate change -- and to give a diminished Church a new indigenous face

The faith behind the crown
Christianity Today: Queen Elizabeth’s belief is deep and sincere, says biographer Dudley Delffs, and Netflix gets it right.

Why we need a more forgiving legal system
Vox: Harvard law professor Martha Minow describes the possibilities of restorative justice.

Chile is reeling from protests. Where is the Catholic Church?
America: The bishops’ conference has urged political leaders to step up to their responsibility to preserve the common good and deplored acts of anarchy and looting, most recently directed against church sites themselves. But is anyone listening to it?

The Spark

Victorian London’s wealth and poverty, mapped block by block
A new edition of Charles Booth’s famous 19th-century maps* offers a chance to reflect on how London has changed, and how it hasn’t, CityLab reports.

*access is limited for nonsubscribers

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