Friday's News & Ideas

  • Un-truth of church budgets
  • Yom Kippur & moral responsibility
  • Social media & GTS
  • Francis’ calling
  • Down syndrome & friendship
  • Last word on giving care

The shocking un-truth about church budgetsABP News/Herald: The church’s rapidly changing role in society requires new ways of looking at the allocation of financial resources, the Rev. Amy Butler says.

Democratised holiness: What Yom Kippur teaches us about moral responsibilityAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: After the destruction of the Second Temple, every place where Jews gathered to pray was like a fragment of the Temple. Each Jew was like a priest. Its effect on the Jewish people was spectacular.

Social media chaos, leadership crises, and General Theological SeminaryPatheos: What was already chaotic became tragic for the Seminary in the space of just a few hours. An internal crisis became a public crisis.

Francis: The Pope's callingBBC Magazine: With leaders of the Catholic Church about to gather in the Vatican to consider the future of the Church's teaching on the family, the BBC asks whether Pope Francis is the moderniser progressives hope for, or an orthodox pontiff with a personal touch.Religion News Service: Pope Francis wanted open debate. With clashing cardinals, he’s got it

Can kids with Down syndrome have friends?Religion News Service: Most individuals with Down syndrome would describe their lives as happy. Yet, many would also say that if they suffer from anything, it is from social alienation and exclusion.

The Spark

Last word: Giving careJoseph Murray used to think of compassion, caregiving, and fostering community as the special talents of the staff at the dementia residence where his wife now lives. But as he writes at Commonweal, over time he has come to see these aptitudes also in the lives of the residents themselves, as the human spirit shines through the fog of a deteriorating brain.

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