Friday's News & Ideas - 1/15/2021

  • Religious freedom & racial justice
  • Blasphemy at the Capitol
  • Pastor sentenced for fraud
  • Holy Apache land under threat
  • ‘Christian nationalist’ bills
  • Inside the insurrection

Biden’s transition team wanted to talk about religious freedom. Here’s what I told them.
Religion News Service: Racial justice and religious freedom are inextricably linked, Simran Jeet Singh says.

Capitol rioters made a mockery of Christian values
CNN: As someone who has devoted his entire life to understanding, exploring and teaching the truth about Christianity, Gregory E. Sterling saw the use of Christian symbols and rhetoric as part of the violent assault on the US Capitol as a desecration of democracy’s chapel and a blaspheme of his faith.

Pastor who advised two presidents is sentenced to 6 years for cheating investors*
The New York Times: Kirbyjon H. Caldwell was senior pastor of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston and rose to prominence as a supporter of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

A final stand seeks to save holy Apache land in Arizona’s high desert
HuffPost: The Trump administration is set to approve a controversial land swap, clearing the way for a giant copper mine to open beneath sacred Oak Flat.

US set for flurry of ‘Christian nationalist’ bills advanced by religious right
The Guardian: Legislation that would erode LGBTQ and reproductive rights expected to be introduced in states across America, experts warn.

The Spark

Among the insurrectionists
From The New Yorker: a first-person chronicle* of an attack foretold.

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