Friday's News & Ideas - 1/17/2020

  • Nonprofits hiding salaries
  • Methodist split is foreboding
  • Católicos por La Raza
  • Role of religion in education
  • NJ expands definition of terror
  • Disease of deceit

Major evangelical nonprofits are trying a new strategy with the IRS that allows them to hide their salaries*
Washington Post: Several major evangelical organizations have in recent years moved to a new strategy where they shift from a nonprofit status to a “church” status with the IRS, allowing them to keep private exactly how their money is being spent and the salaries of their most highly paid employees.

The Methodist Church will probably split in two over homosexuality, and that's bad for all of us
CNN: The current breaks over homosexuality could be just the early tremors of an earthquake that will scatter the country's entire Christian landscape, some scholars argue.

50 years later, Chicano Catholic activists recall their midnight Mass clash with police
Religion News Service: Católicos por La Raza was formed in 1969 by Mexican Americans who criticized the church for what they said was a lack of involvement with the farmworker movement led by Cesar Chavez and the church's lack of support for the Chicano student walkout movement in Los Angeles.

“There is a great awakening happening”: The contentious role of religion in educating kids*
Quartz: As governments look to reach vulnerable children and families where they are, advocates say religious leaders are useful allies.

New Jersey expands legal definition of terrorism in response to kosher store attack
Associated Press: Gov. Phil Murphy said the new law will make it clear that his state is committed to eliminating “hate in all its forms.”

The Spark

The disease of deceit
Friends don’t let friends lie about having cancer, Dvora Meyers writes at Longreads.

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