Friday's News & Ideas - 12/20/2019

  • CT editor in chief: remove Trump
  • Texas church votes to leave UMC
  • Resilience after clergy abuse
  • Megachurches & southern religion
  • Scientific reasons for Christmas
  • 23 decade-defining moments

Trump should be removed from office
Christianity Today: “It’s time to say what we said 20 years ago when a president’s character was revealed for what it was,” writes retiring editor in chief Mark Galli.
USA Today: Trump calls Christianity Today ‘far left magazine’ after editorial called for his removal from office.
NPR: Christianity Today's editor-in-chief on calling for Trump's removal

Texas church votes to leave UMC
United Methodist News Service: One of the Texas Conference’s largest churches has decided to leave The United Methodist Church by a 96% margin.

Sundays after: Portraits of resilience after clergy abuse
Associated Press: For the project “Sundays After,” an Associated Press photographer and writer traveled across the U.S. and sought out men and women who were willing to share their experiences -- both how they were abused by Catholic clergy, and how they survived.

Are megachurches saving Southern religion? Mainline denominations have lost millions of members and church affiliation has declined, but evangelical megachurches have appeared on the scene and pumped up what was otherwise drastically sagging attendance.

The religious case for Christmas is well known. But there’s a scientific one too.
The Guardian: Our urge to mark midwinter and celebrate the days growing longer precedes Christianity by thousands of years.

The Spark

The decade, explained
From Instagram to the rise of strongmen, these were the era’s 23 defining moments according to Vox.

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