Friday's News & Ideas

  • Signs of church HR problems
  • Kill the company to save it
  • Selling old churches
  • Picking up the pieces in Ferguson
  • Younger faces of poverty
  • Pruning & the power of no

13 tell-tale signs of HR problems in your parishDaily Episcopalian: Check out these signs that your church may not be the employer you think it is, or want it to be.

Kill the company to save the company, with Lisa BodellBig Think: Innovation expert Lisa Bodell helps executives embrace change -- starting with changing the habits standing in their way.

The business of selling off old churchesNaples (Florida) News: Some church structures are being acquired by growing denominations, or immigrant congregations but more than a few are allowed to decay, or are being razed and the land put to secular uses.

After the Ferguson protests, church volunteers pick up the piecesReligion News Service: On the fourth morning after Michael Brown's death, residents from different parts of the region came together to pick up the pieces.

The face of poverty keeps getting youngerU.S. Catholic: Scott Alesi is noticing more and more young faces among the men and women seeking help on the streets of Chicago.

The Spark

How my bougainvillea taught me to live with lessAfter nearly killing a bougainvillea, Eve Fairbanks learned that she could save it only by aggressive pruning. Yet, it's hard to believe that destruction can be the mother of new life, she writes in the Washington Post. It requires a mental leap over our instincts that we find so hard to make. "I think we make the same mistake in our lives."

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