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  • #1 job in the UK?
  • Alban & congregational champions
  • Social media, alone together
  • Multicultural church how-to
  • Digitizing Vatican archives
  • Teaching kids to calm themselves

These are the top 10 most satisfying jobs: surprised?The (London) Guardian: Research into job satisfaction in the UK -- from vicars to secretaries to builders -- reveals some unexpected results.

Alban: A death and a resurrectionAssociated Baptist Press: It's time for those who desire to help congregations to reconceptualize their ministry.

Finding ways to be alone together is a new American pastimeNational Catholic Reporter: It's easy to bemoan the digital age and how it's turned us all into self-centered addicts of individualism. But really, all this has done is made us much more American than ever before.Catholic News Service: English bishop says uncharitable use of social media a 'grave matter'

Transitioning church to become multicultural is difficult process, says Texas pastorChristian Post: A Texas pastor advises church leaders that aim to reach Hispanic families, to embrace Latino's relationship-driven culture and be willing to hire a diverse, bilingual staff within the congregation.

Vatican Library to digitize archives with Japanese supportBBC: The Vatican Library has begun digitizing its priceless collection of ancient manuscripts dating from the origins of the Church.

The Spark

Teaching children to calm themselvesWhen Luke gets angry, he tries to remember to look at his bracelet. It reminds him of what he can do to calm himself: stop, take a deep breath, count to four, give yourself a hug and, if necessary, ask an adult for help. Luke is 5, and as David Bornstein writes in The New York Times, learned these steps in a program called Head Start Trauma Smart.

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