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  • Climate at the Air Force Academy
  • 21st century strategy in four words
  • The outlook in Ireland
  • Jesus Illustrated
  • You could be wrong
  • Jesus: The Muslim prophet

Air Force Academy says religious climate improvingAssociated Press:  The Air Force Academy says religious tolerance has improved dramatically since alleged harassment of cadets by evangelical Christians.21st century strategy in four wordsHarvard Business blogs: Minimize evil, maximize good.Church must show humility or face up to a crisis of faithBelfast Telegraph:  The Catholic Church in Ireland is being forced into a radical re-appraisal of its relationships with Rome and the Irish people.Jesus, Illustrated: Tissot’s New TestamentThe New York Times:  Brooklyn Museum’s show of 124 paintings from James Tissot’s “The Life of Christ” is “surprisingly intriguing and moving exhibition.”The key to interreligious harmony and world peace -- but then again, I may be wrongReligion Dispatches: A philosopher explains how a simple thought experiment  could catalyze global reconciliation.

The Spark

Jesus: the Muslim prophetChristians, obviously, like to claim ownership of Christ. But Muslims have venerated Jesus ever since the lifetime of the Prophet of Islam. In his fascinating book “The Muslim Jesus,” former Cambridge professor Tarif Khalidi brings together 303 stories, sayings and traditions of Jesus found in Muslim literature from the earliest centuries of Islamic history. These paint a picture of Christ not dissimilar to the Christ of the Gospels, according to a review in the New Statesman. Is Islam’s version of Christ a source of tension, or a way of building bridges between the world’s two largest faiths?