Friday's News & Ideas

  • More informal church
  • Receptivity to the impossible
  • When accountants get religion
  • Blessing cars in Belgium
  • Pastor jailed for noisy church
  • Coach K's moments of motivation

Church is more informal, like society, study findsThe New York Times: Latest version of a regular survey of American congregations finds that houses of worship, like the broader culture, are becoming increasingly informal, and increasingly open to gay men and lesbians.

For receptivity to the impossible, we fervently prayNational Catholic Reporter: Melissa Musick Nussbaum on kindergartners, fact, fiction and "generic receptivity to the impossible."

What happens when accountants get religionAccountingWEB: Many professionals find themselves worshipping on weekends, saying thanks and being involved in the community. Can this lead to business? Yes -- if you keep it low-key.

In Belgium, drivers seeking safe travels have their cars blessed by a priestWall Street Journal: Thousands bring cars to be blessed by priest; a sprinkle of Holy Water for the road.

S.C. pastor serving jail time for noisy churchUSA Today: A local pastor has been sentenced to jail after neighbors complained about his church's loud services, which violated the city's noise ordinance.

The Spark

How Coach K motivates USA BasketballHow do you get some of the world's wealthiest athletes to perform -- in peak form -- during their summer vacation? This is USA Basketball's eternal quandary, the Wall Street Journal reports. Team Coach Mike Krzyzewski believes he has the answer: "You have to create moments."

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