Friday's News & Ideas

  • Authority, power & the church
  • Bishop's call for civility
  • Churches & art in KC
  • Terrible worship songs
  • #PhillyJesus
  • Chittister: keep going

Our problem with authorityDaily Episcopalian: Let's be honest, George Clifford says. Authority is a form of power. And, like it or not, authority has a place in the church.

Civility: What's in a word?America: A welcome sub-theme of Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago seems to be a call for civility in dialogue. How Christian churches are changing Kansas City's cultural landscapePitch: In Kansas City, some local churches are discovering that they can have an impact on the city in an artistically meaningful way.

How a terrible worship song drove me from ChristianityNashville Scene: Songwriter Casey Black suddenly realized, "This is not good. This is dangerous. This is really weird. These people are singing words that literally make no sense." Doesn't God deserve better?

#PhillyJesus is a star online and on the streetBBC: For the last seven months Michael Grant has been walking through the streets of Philadelphia dressed up like Jesus and has become a local celebrity.

The Spark

Joan Chittister: You can lose everything, but win in the end by simply going onJoan Chittister, a Catholic force of nature, knocked it out of the park recently in an appearance at Wellesley College, Crux reports. She spoke about the 14 Stations of the Cross as a model for how to "get through the hard stops of life without batting an eye, how you can lose everything and win in the end by going on."

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