Friday's News & Ideas

  • GTS, why care?
  • Catholic Church & evolution
  • Irony of Islam in Iran
  • SBC changes tone, not substance
  • Devil's real, Pope says
  • Children & Halloween

Fired GTS professors go back to work, for nowReligion Dispatches: Did something happen at some seminary in some large city? Why should we care?

The Pope's views on evolution haven't really evolvedThe Atlantic: The Catholic Church made its decision a long time ago: Science is not incompatible with faith. The world is just finally paying attention.

Take it or leave itThe Economist: The great irony of Iran's Islamic revolution is that inadvertently it did more to secularize the country than the tyrannical shah. By forcing religion on people it poisoned worship for many.

Southern Baptists change their tone but not their substance on homosexualityReligion News Service: Conference was remarkable for two notable shifts: a change in tone and a pragmatic concession that the fight over gay marriage is largely lost.

Be ready with God's weaponry; devil is real, pope saysCatholic News Service: Christian life is a constant battle against the devil, who is not the stuff of legend, but really exists, Pope Francis said in a morning homily.

The Spark

Children and HalloweenChildren are abroad on Halloween, not as small and dependent creatures, but as the ones in charge, strong and smart and brave and true, Melissa Musick writes at the Catholic Catalogue. They are practicing for adulthood.

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