Friday's News & Ideas

  • Young Catholics
  • Doctrine & pastoral practice
  • Agnostic returns for wedding
  • Mass mobs in Detroit
  • Education & religion
  • Happiness & decision making

Young Catholic AmericaCommonweal: The fact is: In this discouraging book, "Young Catholic America," the future looks bad for just about every flavor of Catholic.

Catholic bishops debate: Where does doctrine end and pastoral practice begin?Religion News Service: Are hopes for real changes DOA just a few days into the high-level Vatican summit?

Pastor always knew agnostic would come crawling back to church for weddingThe Onion: Pastor not surprised to see a former member come crawling back to the church to get married; guarantees he will eventually return to baptize his baby.

'Mass mobs' aim to keep pews full at old churchesNPR: In Detroit, a group of Catholics borrowed the idea of flash mobs for "Mass mobs" to help revitalize urban churches.

Falling awayThe Economist: How education makes people less religious -- and less superstitious, too.

The Spark

How you make decisions says a lot about how happy you arePsychology researchers have studied how people make decisions and concluded there are two basic styles, The Wall Street Journal reports. "Maximizers" like to take their time and weigh a wide range of options; "Satisficers" would rather be fast than thorough.

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