Friday's News & Ideas

  • Butler's letter to Riverside
  • Cleaning up the Vatican
  • Religion & economics
  • No atheist boyfriends
  • Hotdog ministry
  • Life after the accident

Beginning a journeyABP News/Herald: Amy Butler shares a letter with her new congregation at Riverside Church in New York.TIME: Meet Riverside Church's first female pastor

Cleaning up the VaticanThe New York Times: The seismic changes underway behind the scenes in Rome are even more radical than public appearances suggest and they offer illuminating insights into the steely character of Pope Francis.

David Brat's victory is part of broader rise of religion in economics Washington Post: David Brat is part of a bigger movement in recent years of overtly religious economists, particularly of the conservative Christian variety.

Shun the atheist boyfriendThe Atlantic: A poll reveals that parents of all political persuasions are very squeamish about the prospect of a godless daughter- or son-in-law.

Hotdog ministry: Church uses free food to reach out to bar crowdMurfreesboro (Tenn.) News Journal: Jason Barnes serves free hotdogs every other Friday evening on the public square in Murfreesboro.

The Spark

Life, afterAn accident in February cost TV reporter Miles O'Brien his left arm. And as he writes in New York magazine, he soon discovered that every movement, no matter how small, requires rethinking.

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