Friday's News & Ideas

  • America's not so religious past
  • Campus memorial services
  • United Theological expansion
  • Common enemy in Northern Ireland
  • No tax break for Noah's Ark park
  • Busiest Santa

Why 1940s America wasn't as religious as you think -- the rise and fall of American religionReligion News Service: It's common for people to believe that religion was always more vibrant in the past. Earlier generations were always more religious than we are, right? Not always.

Memorials and legaciesInside Higher Ed: The university chaplain at Penn reflects on the importance of memorial services.

United Theological Seminary envisions $1.9M expansion of DaytonView campusDayton (Ohio) Business Journal: United Theological Seminary is thinking bigger with a project designed to revitalize a struggling corridor in Dayton.

The devil you knowThe Economist: Something has changed in Northern Ireland when the historically Protestant Democratic Unionist Party goes to bat for the province's Catholic bishops.

Ky. rejects $18M in tax incentives for Noah's Ark parkThe (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal: A proposed Noah's Ark theme park has been turned down for state tax incentives amid concerns that it will promote religion and violate the separation of church and state.

The Spark

Santa Claus is realHe legally changed his name. In December, he averages six events per day. He officiates weddings. In Fast Company, meet the busiest Santa in the world.

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