Friday's News & Ideas

  • Family values, left & right
  • Religion & saving the planet
  • Welby's doubts
  • NFL, the church & silence
  • Here's to God!
  • Living too long

Liberals teach kids tolerance over faith; conservatives teach kids faith over tolerance, new survey findsDeseret News: A new Pew survey shows a gulf between how conservatives and liberals, women and men, young and old and different races order the values they believe children should be taught.

Scientists turn to Pope Francis and world's religions to save the planetThe (London) Telegraph: Forget past arguments over Darwin or Galileo -- scientists set sights on unlikely alliance with the world's religious leaders to combat climate change.

If Justin Welby has doubts about God it's no bad thingThe (London) Guardian: It may seem an off-message admission for the Archbishop of Canterbury, but in fact it's demonstrative of his humanity

The NFL and the church share the same culture of silence on abuseReligion News Service: Many church leaders do not realize that all evils are present in their congregations, especially sins that carry a heavy culture of silence, says Autumn Miles.

Here's to God!Associated Baptist Press: Brett Younger's new congregation had Heineken in the serving line and two bottles of wine at every table.

The Spark

Why I hope to die at 75Doubtless, death is a loss, Ezekiel J. Emanuel writes at the Atlantic. But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss.

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