Friday's News & Ideas

  • WWI & modern Islam
  • PC(USA) & same-sex marriage
  • Church mergers
  • March for Marriage
  • 50 million displaced people
  • #InstagrammingAfrica

The last crusade: The First World War and the birth of modern IslamAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: For Muslims, the First World War changed everything. What we think of today as modern Islam is the product of the worldwide tumult of the Great War, Philip Jenkins says.

Presbyterian Church USA votes to allow gay marriage ceremoniesThe Detroit Free Press: One of the largest and most influential Protestant groups in the U.S. votes to approve same-sex marriages, bringing cheers from advocates who called it an historic moment.

Turnaround: How dying churches can find new lifeReligion News Service: A growing number of struggling evangelical congregations are finding new life by teaming up with a larger church.

Thousands rally at U.S. Capitol against gay marriageReligion News Service: Faced with a string of court losses and a rapid shift in public opinion, planners of Thursday's rally aimed to show that they will not give up without a fight.Slate: Mourning at the March for Marriage

There are now more than 50 million displaced people, highest since World War IIWashington Post: The war in Syria. The war in South Sudan. The conflicts in the Central African Republic, Iraq, Kenya and Afghanistan. It adds up.

The Spark

#InstagrammingAfrica: The narcissism of global voluntourismIt was the photographs posted by other students that inspired Lauren Kascak to go on her first overseas medical mission. But after three increasingly disillusioning trips, she has some advice for other students considering a global volunteer experience: leave the iPhone at home.

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