Friday's News & Ideas

  • Worst idea in years
  • Soft target for crime
  • Taste the gumbo first
  • Vision surplus
  • Theology for atheists
  • Operating without mystery
  • Winning photos

The (second) worst religious idea of the decadeSojourner’s blog:  Cathleen Falsani says the Prosperity Gospel was one of the two worst religious ideas of the past decade. What’s the other?Report tallies more than 1,200 crimes involving U.S. churches in 2009Associated Baptist Press:  Criminals more likely to see churches simply as “soft targets” rather than sacred spaces. Called by the spiritBoston Globe: A historic African-American church finds a path to growth in a new 23-year-old pastor.Hot cross spuds and holy rollersSpiegel:  Religious images on everyday objects have lost value as the number of apparent apparitions increases.Theology for atheistsThe Guardian:  Several leading secular and even Marxist thinkers have made a turn toward theology, often doing theology better than believers.

Let's pray for our soldiers in Afghanistan(Toronto) Globe & Mail:  Canadians need to understand that our spiritual truths exist for more than burying the dead.

The Spark

World of photosAfter receiving more than 200,000 submissions, a panel of National Geographic judges has selected the winners in the magazine’s fourth annual global photography contest. Countries around the world held national contests and, in the final round, sent one photo from each of three categories -- people, places and nature -- to National Geographic's Washington headquarters for judging. And the winners are . . .