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  • More on old-fashioned religion
  • Church welcomes immigrant children
  • Church as heart of local communities
  • Bowling alley church
  • Muslim-Jewish iftars
  • Mourning in the Age of Skype

Is religion 'old-fashioned' and 'out of date'?The Atlantic: The downsides of using poll data to understand the arc of history.

Immigrant children find refuge at Fontana churchLos Angeles Times: Following anti-immigrant protests in Murrieta, St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Fontana gave immigrants, most of them children, a much warmer welcome.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has praised the Church for being "part of the solution for building community blessing at every level"Christian Today: Archbishop of Canterbury says new report shows that "churches are at the heart of local communities."

Futuristic church with 12-lane bowling alley, 7 giant domes and an observation tower opens its doors to the publicBirmingham (Ala.) News: "People may not want to come to a church, but they'll come to a bowling alley," pastor says.

Breaking the Ramadan fast in the company of JewsReligion News Service: Muslim tradition calls for breaking the Ramadan fast in the evening with a date and a sip of water, and increasingly these days, the company of Jews.Jewish Daily Forward: Why British orthodox rabbi fasts for Ramadan

The Spark

Figuring out how to mourn in the Age of SkypeSoon after returning to the United States from Cambridge University, Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig learned by email and Twitter that her instructor had died in a car accident. Back in the UK, people were as grief stricken as she was, but she couldn't see or hear or touch them -- all important parts of traditional Christian mourning. At the Atlantic, she asks, do religious traditions still provide a good map for grieving?

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