Friday's News & Ideas

  • Back to Memphis for the SCLC
  • Know Jesus, no science?
  • Missing Mary
  • A life: ‘Having a wonderful time. . . wish you were here.’

SCLC tries to re-capture MLK's missionAtlanta Journal-Constitution:  SCLC gathers in Memphis to re-capture original spirit; some call for fresh ideas instead of retreading old ones.Atlanta Journal-Constitution:  Lowery to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

The modern-day InquisitionPhiladelphia Daily News:  Controversy over NIH nominee sounds like a modern twist on the Inquisition, where people are rejected because of what they believe.Newsweek: Fighting for Francis

'Jesus' is OK to say in state Senate prayerPittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Pastor’s prayer before Pa. state Senate went a lot smoother than his last attempt to pray with legislators.

Scholar says Baptists neglect lessons from VirginAssociated Baptist Press: Overreaction to Catholic veneration of the Virgin Mary has caused Baptists to miss important biblical teaching associated with the mother of Jesus.

Airport chapels offer haven to more faithsAssociated Press: Across the country, airport chapels are accommodating an increasingly diverse group of travelers flying with faith.

The Spark

A writer who can fit your entire life on a postcardFifteen months ago, a friend asked writer Michael Kimball -- as a joke -- why he was not participating in an upcoming performance arts festival. “I answered that I was a writer ... writers don't do performance art,” Kimball explained on NPR’s All Things Considered. “And then we started joking about what a writer might do as performance art. That the writer should be able to write a life story. And then we took it to an absurd point with the idea of taking everyone's life and putting it on a postcard.”