Friday's News & Ideas

  • Sundays dying?
  • Church & real estate
  • Ceremonial prayer isn't prayer
  • Cafeteria religion & political engagement
  • Opening up the church
  • Self talk

Are Sundays dying?Pacific Standard: Will Sundays, as we've known them, soon simply disappear? Evidence from Canada suggests that this full-scale erosion is already further along than we may think.

The separation of church and real estateBloomberg Businessweek: With prices for land and buildings rising across New York, religious institutions are pursuing real estate sales to generate cash and support their missions

Ceremonial prayerABPnews/Herald: As an old-timey Baptist, Bill Leonard doesn't put much stock in it.

The impact of cafeteria religion on political engagementBrookings Institution: For all of the talk about cafeteria religion, our politics is also afflicted with a cafeteria approach to religious political engagement.

Opening up the church The Daily Beast: Reverend Winnie Varghese revitalizes a historic New York East Village church by taking risks and representing the community.

The Spark

'Self talk': When talking to yourself, the way you do it makes a differenceDo you ever talk to yourself? Be honest. As the Wall Street Journal reports, talking to yourself, out loud, is more common than you might think. Psychologists call it "self talk" and say how we do it makes a big difference in both our mood and our behavior .

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