Friday's News & Ideas

  • World Vision CEO Q&A
  • Warren campaign on mental illness
  • Son of God vs. Noah
  • Pastor's advice to younger self
  • Remembering a seminary's economic fragility
  • Modern lepers: the mentally ill

Q&A: World Vision president Rich Stearns on sponsors, staff lost over same-sex marriage announcementsReligion News Service: World Vision president Rich Stearns openly acknowledges the mistakes the relief organization made while flip-flopping on the issue.

Rick Warren starts church-based campaign against mental illnessThe Sacramento (Calif.) Bee: Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, are launching a massive, church-based campaign against mental illness in America, pegged to the anniversary of their family tragedy.

Noah v. Kitschy Jesus: A tale of two moviesReligion Dispatches: Son of God and Noah don't just represent two different ways to read Scripture, two different ways to make films, and two different marketing demographics. They also represent two sharply different ways to believe, to be in the world.

What 40-year-old me would say to 25-year-old meThe Huffington Post: Now 40, the Unappreciated Pastor offers some advice to his 25-year-old self.

A longing for the intellectual life at Bangor Theological SeminaryBangor (Maine) Daily News: A graduate of Bangor Theological Seminary remembers sensing the economic fragility of the now-closed institution when he attended it in the 1990s.

The Spark

The mentally ill are our lepersMelissa Musick Nussbaum remembers as a child hearing about Jesus healing the 10 lepers. She understood it as a story from long ago and far away. Except that it is not, she writes in the National Catholic Reporter. The mentally ill are lepers.

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