Friday's News & Ideas

  • Religious conservatives driving growth of home schooling
  • Former president of the Philippines remembered as “Mother of Sorrows”
  • Surfing for spirituality
  • Guilt, repentance and forgiveness

Kitchen-classroom conservativesThe Economist: Why do people teach their children at home? Many of the earliest were hippies who thought public schools repressive and ungroovy. Now they are far more likely to be religious conservatives. At a public school, one home-schooling parent says, her children would get neither much individual attention nor any Christian instruction. At home they get plenty of both.Faith better ally than powerCanberra Times: The former president of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino, was the most recognizable symbol of the turbulence endured by her country during the past four decades. With her ''Mother of Sorrows'' image, Aquino proved both endearing and effective.Topeka artist raps for GodTopeka Capital-Journal (Associated Press): Life wasn't doing it for Ron Haggerty. So, in 2005 he decided to stop making it all about himself. "When I tried God 100 percent, that's when I started getting the full enjoyment." Chicago gets chance to surf to the spiritual sideChicago Sun-Times: Chicago’s newly lifted ban on surfing provides an opportunity to expand the sport of surfing and Chicago's love of outdoor activities and nature, as well as perhaps a chance for Chicagoans to learn something new about our spiritual lives.

The Spark

Guilt, repentance and forgivenessBBC World Service: Michael Ford introduces a radio series examining issues around guilt, repentance and forgiveness. In this program, he meets a man who suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest in Ireland. Now in his 40s, Colm O’Gorman is executive director of Amnesty International in Ireland and has founded a charity for victims of child sex abuse. But how does he feel about his abuser now? Can he forgive him? Or is compassion for an abuser even appropriate in such circumstances?