Friday's News & Ideas

  • 60 years of UNICEF
  • Evangelicals win in Brazil
  • Narrating leadership
  • Changes in religious giving
  • Church and state in 1797
  • Nature’s real zombies

All treat, no tricks as UNICEF fundraiser turns 60NPR: Over the years, those little orange boxes have helped raise millions of dollars for the charity.

Brazil vote's winners: evangelicalsWall Street Journal: Brazilians will take to the polls Sunday to determine their next president, but already one big winner of this political season has emerged: evangelical Christians.

What's the narrative about your leadership?Harvard Business Review (Blog): The new leadership narrative is not a set of competing alternatives, but a still-to-be articulated hybrid of both art and science, individual vision and the voice of a broader community of stakeholders.

Giving to religious charities up, to churches downEpiscopal Café: According to data collected by Empty Tomb, Americans are giving more to religious charities while also giving less to churches.

Obscure treaty is cited in church-state separation debateWall Street Journal: In recent years, as the idea of a Christian founding has gained momentum, a number of people arguing for a secular founding have used the 1797 treaty to counter them.

The Spark

The scariest zombies in natureOnce the fungus invades its victim's body, it's already too late. The victim, unaware of what is happening, becomes driven to climb to a high spot. Just before dying, the infected body -- a zombie -- grasps a perch as the mature fungal invader erupts from the back of the zombie's head to rain down spores on unsuspecting victims below, starting the cycle again. This isn't the latest gross-out moment from a George A. Romero horror film; it is part of a very real evolutionary arms race between a parasitic fungus and its victims, ants.

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