Friday's News & Ideas - 3/20/2020

  • Cancelling religious holidays?
  • Talking COVID-19 with kids
  • Apps for online church
  • Protect one another
  • CoE restricts weddings, baptism
  • Coronavirus in prison

What if Easter, Passover and Ramadan get canceled?
Religion News Service: For many faith groups, spring is one of the most important times of the year.

Using the love commandment to talk COVID-19 with kids
Sojourners: As adults are forced into major social and work-related changes, we can quickly lose patience with our children, forget their perspective matters, and resort to “just do it”-type responses.
Sojourners: Loving your neighbor during a pandemic, according to kids

Religious apps to help you go to church while socially distancing
CNET: You can still connect with your faith community online. Here's how.

The faithful response to coronavirus: protect one another
CNN: While gathering together with our communities in worship is central to our faiths, so is the preservation of life.

Church of England restricts weddings to five people
The Guardian: Coronavirus crisis means baptisms will also have to be scaled back.

The Spark

What coronavirus quarantine looks like in prison
After a prison employee tested positive for COVID-19, two men who are incarcerated in that facility separately wrote to The Marshall Project to provide their accounts of what has happened since.

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