Friday's News & Ideas - 3/26/2021

  • Refugee program struggling
  • Second pandemic Passover
  • Women of Nazi Germany
  • German clergy criticize Vatican
  • Can religion cause PTSD?
  • Story from solitary confinement

U.S. refugee program ‘on life support,’ facing big challenges
NPR: Among the more daunting challenges President Biden faces in the coming year will be to make good on his goal of admitting 10 times as many refugees -- 125,000 -- as former President Donald Trump allowed to enter the United States last year.

‘Slow, small, imperfect’ -- round two of pandemic Passover comes with its own perks and challenges*
The Forward: In the chaotic first weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, it felt like a real achievement to complete Passover rituals over Zoom. Now we are gearing up for an unwanted second round of pandemic-era celebrations. 

The good white Christian women of Nazi Germany*
Christian Century: Despite what you’ve read, most of them didn’t resist.

German Catholic clergy rebel against Vatican over same-sex unions
CNN: German Catholic theologians and clergy have mobilized against a recent ruling from the Vatican that said the Catholic Church would not bless same-sex unions.

Can religion give you PTSD?*
The New Republic: Meet the “exvangelicals” seeking therapy for religious trauma.

The Spark

I survived 18 years in solitary confinement
The harrowing injustice Ian Manuel* suffered as a boy should never happen to another child in this country, The New York Times says.

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