Friday's News & Ideas - 4/23/2021

  • Reimagining public safety
  • Facebook tests ‘prayer’ feature
  • Sex therapist expelled from LDS
  • Abducted clergy released
  • What’s a just minimum wage?
  • How soccer’s superleague fell apart

U.S. policing is broken. Christians must reimagine public safety
Sojourners: We cannot train or reform our way out the crisis of racialized police violence. Building on this momentum, this is a moment that calls all of us to go deeper.

Likes and prayers: Facebook tests new ‘prayer post’ feature
Religion News Service: The idea for prayer posts grew out of the myriad ways users have connected over Facebook while distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the spokesperson.

Mormon sex therapist has been expelled from the LDS Church*
The Washington Post: A sex therapist who publicly challenged her church’s teachings on sexuality has been expelled as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to a letter she received Wednesday.

Three abducted Catholic clergy released in Haiti
BBC: Seven other people -- including a French nun and a French priest -- abducted in the town of Croix-des-Bouquets remain in captivity.

The current minimum wage is not just, according to the Catholic church. $15 wouldn’t be either.*
America: It has been 11 years since U.S. legislators last voted to raise the minimum wage. It was bumped to $7.25 in 2009 and has languished there ever since.

The Spark

How the Super League fell apart
Frantic phone calls, secret meetings and high-stakes threats: The inside story from The New York Times of how a billion-dollar European soccer superleague* was born, and then collapsed, in less than a week.

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