Friday's News & Ideas - 4/3/2020

  • NIH chief speaks to people of faith
  • NYC chaplains
  • Bible Museum to return items
  • Exemptions for religious gathering
  • Pandemic heads to Italy’s south
  • Community-composed poem

How NIH chief Francis Collins is trying to get people of faith to wake up to coronavirus realities*
Washington Post: As one of the most respected scientists in the country, Francis Collins, who leads the National Institutes of Health, has long tried to bridge the perceived gap between science and faith.

The men and women who run toward the dying*
New York Times: Meet the New York City chaplains praying for coronavirus patients.

Bible Museum criticism ‘was justified,’ founder says
Christianity Today: 11,500 more items will be returned to the Middle East.

Here's a look at what states are exempting religious gatherings from stay at home orders
CNN: Of the 39 states that have implemented stay at home orders, 12 make exceptions for religious gatherings.

As pandemic spreads, Italy’s south turns to Pope Francis, saints
Religion News Service: Positive coronavirus cases have started to grow in Italy’s very religious south, where high levels of unemployment and organized crime complicate the application of stringent rules to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The Spark

‘Social Distance’: A community-style poem to help you feel less isolated
Now more than ever we are looking for ways to feel less alone -- and poetry can be one way to bring people together, NPR says.

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