Friday's News & Ideas

  • 9/11 controversy
  • NYT editor's ouster
  • Theology as poetry
  • Sabbath zone
  • ‘Black mass’ explained
  • Sad desk lunch

9/11 museum documentary stirs controversy on eve of opening CNN: A film at the museum called "The Rise of Al Qaeda" uses words like "jihad" and "Islamist" in the narration, which has prompted some Muslim Americans and others to call for edits.

Woman at the top of the masthead Slate: The media called her “brusque” and “polarizing.” But to young women at the New York Times, Jill Abramson – the newspaper’s first female executive editor, who was fired this week -- was everything.The New Yorker: Jill Abramson and the Times: What went wrong?

Theology as poetry Patheos: Poet Miriam Dale writes that theology “is the thing that makes a complex faith applicable to a complex life.”

Southeast Valley Jews seek special Sabbath zone Arizona Republic: The Chabad organization in Arizona is trying to create an eruv, which is a continuous, though symbolic, physical boundary that allows Jews within it to act as they would in their own homes on the Sabbath.

Black mass hysteria at Harvard: The real story Religion Dispatches: The “black mass” event was originally intended as a lecture on the history of legends surrounding the black mass, followed by a performance, writes Joseph Laycock of Texas State University. National Catholic Reporter: 'Black mass' outcry leads to cancellation, prayers, impromptu event

The Spark

Sad desk lunch: Is this how you want to die? Work is life in America, says Dr. James Hamblin, The Atlantic’s health editor. In this video, he offers tongue-in-cheek advice on avoiding the public health dangers of working through lunch. “Sad desk lunch” contributes to diseases related to social isolation, he says. Among his tips: Eat by some plants.