Friday's News & Ideas - 5/15/2020

  • CDC reopening guidelines
  • Colleges worried about lawsuits
  • Papyrus scandal
  • Reform Jewish group cuts jobs
  • Octavia Butler was right
  • Life of an essential worker

Officials release edited coronavirus reopening guidance
Associated Press: U.S. health officials released some of their long-delayed guidance that schools, businesses and other organizations can use as states reopen. The CDC originally also authored a document for churches and other religious facilities, but that wasn’t posted Thursday. The agency declined to say why.

Colleges worry they'll be sued if they reopen campuses
Inside Higher Ed: College presidents tell Vice President Pence that being shielded from lawsuits if students get sick would make them likelier to physically reopen their campuses.
HuffPost: Evangelical leaders seek to insulate churches from some COVID-19 lawsuits

A biblical mystery at Oxford*
The Atlantic: A renowned scholar claimed that he discovered a first-century gospel fragment. Now he’s facing allegations of antiquities theft, cover-up, and fraud.

Reform Jewish umbrella group cuts staff by 20% due to COVID-19
Religion News Service: The Union for Reform Judaism, the umbrella group for Reform Jewish synagogues in the United States, has reduced its workforce by 20%, cutting 60 workers as COVID-19 continues to wreak financial havoc on religious institutions.

What the church can learn from Octavia Butler
Sojourners: A speculative futurist ecclesiology looks at every fault line exposed by this pandemic alongside every gift and grace it illuminates.

The Spark

The un-heroic reality of being an ‘essential’ restaurant worker
As a restaurant employee, I’ve been deemed an essential worker. But you’d never know that from the way I’m treated, Sara Selevitch writes at Eater.

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