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  • Empty pews in the UK
  • Army’s “humanist” designation
  • Losing my religion
  • Scaling impact
  • Predicting higher education’s future
  • Science fiction’s influence on imagination

Archbishop of Canterbury: Empty churches show UK is NOT Christian The Daily Express: The Most Rev. Justin Welby made the unlikely comments, although qualified them by stating that our heritage is based around the faith.

Is Army’s new “Humanist” designation just semantic hooey? Religion Dispatches: Elizabeth Drescher recalls the significance of naming throughout religious traditions themselves.

Losing my religion: Clergy who no longer believe gather online Religion News Service: The blog’s goal is to engage and support clergy and laypeople who doubt or reject religion and feel they cannot confide in friends, family and colleagues.

To reach transformative scale, transform the conversation Stanford Social Innovation Review: Scaling impact is much bigger than scaling an enterprise.

5 bold predictions for the future of higher education Fast Company: What, where and how will we learn?

The Spark

How America’s leading science fiction authors are shaping your future

The task of science fiction is not to predict the future. Rather, it contemplates possible futures. Writers may find the future appealing precisely because it can’t be known. “The future is a safe, sterile laboratory for trying out ideas in,” renowned novelist and poet Ursula K. Le Guin told Smithsonian magazine, “a means of thinking about reality, a method.” Sometimes, implausibly, those ideas come true. Want to get News & Ideas in your inbox every weekday? Subscribe to our News & Ideas newsletter.